Are You Experiencing a Frozen AC?

Are you looking for AC repair in Brooklyn or the surrounding area? The warm season is still here. Let us provide you with recommendations for quality, professional service at a very reasonable price. Our recommended skilled technicians are highly experienced and can handle virtually any AC repair issue.

We have heard of many satisfied customers who rave about how quickly our friends were able to fix their cooling system problems. Give them a call and let their courteous and professional staff show you why they are the best air conditioning company in the area.

Are You Experiencing A Frozen AC in Brooklyn?

The hot weather drives people indoors looking for anything frozen to cool them down. Ice is your friend when the climate overheats. Does it seem odd that although your air conditioner has iced up it is incapable of cooling your home? The problem with a frozen air conditioner (AC) is that ice gets in the way of air circulation. The interference of airflow is likely what caused the problem in the first place. Once the system is frozen, the problem gets worse. Bear Appliance Repair technicians have experience with frozen AC repair in Brooklyn during the warmer months of the year.

How Does an AC System Work?

The AC system works by circulating refrigerant between the outdoor condenser and the indoor evaporator. It starts out as liquid; when it reaches the evaporator, inside the home, it enters a very small hole which causes it to evaporate into its gas form. While inside the evaporator, the fan blows warm air through it. The air cools as it passes into the ducts on the way to the rest of the house. When anything blocks airflow, the evaporator is in danger of freezing. A frozen evaporator can only thaw after the system is switched to the “off” position. Call us immediately and power down the unit.

Our recommended technician starts by looking for a dirty or missing filter. If the filter has an extreme amount of debris, the repair person changes it and checks the performance. If the filter is missing, the evaporator needs an inspection.

In the case of low airflow that originates from the filter or a clogged evaporator, the homeowner notices that the AC is not cooling properly before the freeze up. The technician needs to know everything. They became famous for AC repair in Brooklyn by listening to customers; please tell us what you know.

How Does a Bad Fan Cause an Airflow Issue?

Another airflow issue capable of causing a freeze up is a bad fan. The problem can go unnoticed for a few days if the fan runs intermittently. The bearings sometimes go bad. The condition causes a strain on the motor which then overheats. Overheating causes the motor to lockup. The outdoor condenser continues to send refrigerant into the evaporator. There is a lack of airflow because the fan motor is too hot to run. The motor may start turning again after it cools down. Homeowners hear the fan blowing, but the house is uncomfortable. The cycle repeats until the evaporator finally freezes. Our technician repairs or replaces the motor and the problem is solved.

If none of these issues is present, we check the ducts. Sometimes children drop toys inside. This impedes airflow. A utility vacuum is the tool of choice for removing hard-to-reach toys from the ducts.

When you experience a frozen AC, call Bear Appliance Repair. When it comes to AC repair in Brooklyn, they have the knowledge you need. Let them cool you down, so you can get on with the good life you deserve.

Call Them Today at: (718) 809-6962

They Serve Appliance Repair in the Following Boroughs of New York:

Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island

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