Water Dispenser Appliance Repair Trick

Water Dispenser not working

Sometimes the water line that goes through the door can freeze. This is especially common with GE refrigerators. GE refrigerator insulation in the freezer door isn’t insulated enough. This is a “known” problem with GE refrigerators! If you are having this problem you have two options: 1) call GE and complain…complain…complain, and if your lucky they may just send you a brand new door (but then YOU have to put it on…not fun at all), or, 2) Turn freezer off and open the door, leave door open for 4 to 5 hours. This melts the water inside the water line inside the door. Once working again you may get a year if your lucky before the refrigerator freezer door freezes the water line again.

Please note that due to the complexity of diagnosing refrigerators we HIGHLY recommend that you call and have a Bear Appliance Repair professional in Brooklyn, NY fix your fridge.

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